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Basic Information

I am Robert Ferris, also known as BAF or Baffles. I am a bot master in the #Allegro IRC Channel, owning and operating my bot, named Redundant.


  • Email
    • <txt2img></txt2img>
    • <txt2img></txt2img>
  • IM:
    • AIM: <txt2img>Bobert390</txt2img>
    • ICQ: You can talk to me on AIM through ICQ.
    • GTalk: <txt2img></txt2img>
    • MSN: <txt2img></txt2img>
    • IRC: [BAF64] on Freenode and EFNet. In #allegro on both.


<lastfm user='Baffles' cstyle='basicrt10' items='10' chart='recenttracks'/>

Websites and Hosting

I also run a small web hosting company, BAFServ. My main website, also houses many websites hosted for free for people (outdated list). I still provides free web hosting to people in need who email me or otherwise request hosting from me.


I know several programming languages, including C, C++, and C#. I also know Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and am in the process of learning Ruby. I know more than this, I am just not able to recall all of my knowledge at the moment. ;D


I have made very few noteworthy games. Perhaps my best game is Relaze. I would like to make a really nice game someday, but I unfortunately don't really have the time.


My current main projects include BAFIRC (my new IRC client), URB (my IRC Bot), and BSWE (my website framework). I have tons of stale projects which have basically died.