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My name is Thomas Fjellstrom (obviously ;)), I host the wiki, and am the person to contact for wiki server problems test


  • Email
    • <txt2img></txt2img>
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    • <txt2img></txt2img>
  • IM:
    • ICQ: <txt2img>34816204</txt2img>
    • AIM: <txt2img>Tomasu82</txt2img>
    • GTalk: <txt2img></txt2img>
    • MSN: <txt2img></txt2img>


<tasks> [ ] Finish up 4.9 fshook work [ ] work out api additions for multi screen/monitor support for 4.9 [ ] work on a QPaintDevice for Allegro's BITMAPS. [ ] Separate thread for Qt? [ ] QAllegroWidget ? [ ] QEventLoop manual updating: obj->processEvents(...); [ ] write a article about the Allegro QPaintDevice, explaining how I did it, how it works, and how to use it. [ ] Setup a "build cluster" for allegro, along with a current build status page for all platforms [ ] host svn for more allegro people! </tasks>


<lastfm user='Tomasu82' cstyle='basicrt10' items='10' chart='recenttracks'/>

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This is a test of the emergency draft auto save program. This is only a test. I repeat, this is a test. This is only a test. BEEEEEEEEP

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