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Here since 2007-01-23. I'm the ID 8 user. (ok, there was lots of other people before the migration to MediaWiki). User 21 after the integration

Bureaucrat and sysop since 2007-03-10.

My name is Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva. I'm a brazilian. I use allegro for programming in C since 2003.

Currently i know how to program in C, C++, Basic, Visual Basic, Pascal, Delphi, Java, FoxPro and a bit of assembler.

I made some very few contributions to Allegro too. I have some changes to do in mind but not much time to go for it.

I'm author of Speedhack 2005 entry The Attack of the Spaces Bugs, and Speedhack 2006 entry Rambananas.

Let's Wiki!

<tasks> [2] Finish these pixelate articles. [3] Maybe breaking ZipfileReader in several smaller articles? Or perhaps not? [!] Solve the issues about Category:Article and Category:Articles [3] Create a page for every Speedhack, and for the speedhack games. [3] More MinorHack things. [3] Delete some useless pages and some malformatted-titled pages redirecting to the good ones. [2] Write TINS articles. [2] Write ChristmasHack articles. [!] Finish to bring the allegro manual articles (for 4.2 and 4.3). [1] Write something usefull! </tasks>