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Visual C++ Express 2008

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Using Allegro 4.2.2 with Visual C++ Express 2008

Before you read this page you should read Visual C++ Express 2005

The only real difference here is the fact that the binaries compiled under the 2005 version of VC++ express will not work with 2008. In order to use Allegro 4.2.2 you will either have to build 4.2.2 yourself or find someone who has already done so.

When you are reading Visual C++ Express 2005 you will notice that you need both the DirectX SDK and the Windows Platform SDK. With 2008, however, you only need to download the DirectX SDK. The March 2008 version of this SDK will not work, as it does not include the DX 8 binaries you will need. The August 2007 version will work fine.

The following is from the MS website:

The DirectX SDK No Longer Contains...

The DirectX SDK no longer contains the following components:

Direct3D8 and all of the earlier versions 

Direct3D RM 



DirectInput7 and all of the earlier versions 


DirectX8-era HRESULT conversion routines 

Managed DirectX samples and documentation

Developers wanting to use these components will need to download the August 2007 DirectX SDK, available from MSDN.


Once you install that, you just need to open the Allegro VC Project from build/msvc8 in msvc 2008. You will need to add the directory for the directx SDK to your VC search paths for include and libraries. These can be found under Tools, Options.

When adding the directory to search for libraries, make you have to add either VC/lib/x86 or VC/lib/x64.

After everything is installed, simply go to Build, Batch Build, and select everything except for makedoc, as the makedoc will not build (Someone mentioned that you can change this to console mode and it will work but I didn't get that done.)

I probably forgot something but I will add stuff to this if I remember, and I hope this was helpful.