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You can also automate the console compile and run process with the Scite editor

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Compiling and running an Allegro app in the console can be automated in the Scite text editor. This is much easier and faster than using an IDE. To do that just install Scite and then go into Options>Edit Properties>Open and find where the path is to this file (its write protected, trying to save a changed file will bring up error message with path) then when you know the location open it with: sudo gedit /usr/share/scite/ turn on line numbers and go to lines #262 and #263 and change them from this:

 cc=g++ $(ccopts) -c $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).o
 ccc=gcc $(ccopts) -c $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName).o

to this:

 cc=g++ $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName)
 ccc=gcc $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName)

and then you will be able to do an automatic compile and run of a regular C program in Tools>compile and Tools>go.

And then to do an automated Allegro app compile/run you just add

 cc=g++ $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName) `allegro-config --libs`
 ccc=gcc $(FileNameExt) -o $(FileName) `allegro-config --libs`